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The Stowe Steeple Society
Leave a legacy...

The Stowe Community Church is many things
many people:
  • For Church members it is their religious home;
  • For special guests it is a wedding, baptism, and funeral venue;
  • For greater Stowe residents it is a meeting place
    and entertainment venue;
  • For tourists and visitors, it is a beacon welcoming their arrival;
  • And for everyone it is a beautiful, iconic and historic structure.
The Stowe Steeple Society is a planned giving non-profit association:
  • Endowed and conservatively managed for a variety of planned and special gifts.
  • The Church Endowment Fund provides for the long-term financial viability of the Church.
  • The Building Preservation Fund provides for the preservation of the historic building.
  • Through a variety of giving structures, the Stowe Steeple Society provides its members
    giving opportunities that can match their timing, scale and donative intent.
For more information, please email
or call the church at 802-253-7257

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