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Stowe Steeple Society
Capital Campaign

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The Stowe Community Church is many things to many people:


  • For Church members it is their religious home;

  • For special guests it is a wedding, baptism, and funeral venue;

  • For greater Stowe residents it is a meeting place and entertainment venue;

  • For tourists and visitors, it is a beacon welcoming their arrival;

  • And for everyone it is a beautiful, iconic and historic structure.


The Stowe Steeple Society is a planned giving non-profit association:


  • Endowed and conservatively managed for a variety of planned and special gifts.

  • The Church Endowment Fund provides for the financial viability of the Church.

  • The Building Preservation Fund provides for the preservation of the historic building.

  • Through a variety of giving structures, the Stowe Steeple Society provides its members  
    giving opportunities that can match their timing, scale and donative intent.

The Building Preservation Fund

The Iconic Stowe Community Church Building was completed in 1863, and today it retains its historic, traditional and pristine federal style appearance, inside and out.
-- It is a contributing structure to Stowe Village’s National Historic District.

-- It is literally the iconic symbol of the Town of Stowe.
--Conde Nast Traveler named it one of the 50 most beautiful churches in the world.
--Many generations of Church members and friends have lovingly maintained it.
-- We must honor this legacy and continue the stewardship of this precious asset.
Today, numerous events and programs are held in the Stowe Community Church.
--Daily Church activities.
 Local and regional community events.
 It is truly a public venue, available to many types of users for many types of events.
 Arts, educational, medical, and public service programs are held here.
 Very little revenue from these public programs is available to maintain this treasured, historic building.
Community Organizations and events frequently using this unique building include: American Red Cross, Stowe
Performing Arts, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Waterbury Ambulance, Stowe High School Baccalaureates,
Stowe Farmers Market, and many others. And, of course, many weddings, funerals and baptisms are held
here, often for those otherwise unaffiliated with the Church.
The resources required to maintain, improve and operate this uniquely important Stowe Village historic building
and landmark are very substantial. Its aging operating systems are in constant need of repair and replacement.
And while the Church’s congregation is committed to maintaining the almost 160-year-old building, it is a very
substantial financial challenge.

The Church Endowment Fund

Operating a faith-based organization such as the Stowe Community Church requires substantial and reliable financial resources.

 Staffing, utilities, equipment, program and other operational costs of the Church are very substantial.
 Funding from current revenue from the Church is very challenging.
 The resources required to fund our many supported missions: community, regional and beyond, are very great and continually increasing.
 The Church Endowment Fund will provide a stable source of revenue through investment returns on the endowment’s conservatively invested assets.

Stowe Community Church and the Stowe Steeple Society’s Church Endowment Fund will continue to provide substantial support for many important charitable organizations, programs and activities. Examples of those supported by the Church include:

The Clarina Howard Nichols Center, Compassion International, Hunger Free Vermont, Kenyan Orphans, The Lamoille Family Center, Lamoille Community Food Share, Lamoille Home Health and Hospice, Meals on Wheels, Partners in Need of Service, The Stowe School Emergency Fund, and many others.

Friends and members of the Church can make contributions to the Church Endowment Fund by making a contribution through the donate button on the Stowe Community Church website, indicating it’s a Church Endowment Fund gift.

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