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Building Preservation Fund
Capital Campaign

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Building Preservation Fund Capital Campaign
The Iconic Stowe Community Church Building was completed in 1863, and today it retains
          its historic, traditional and pristine federal style appearance, inside and out.
  • It is a contributing structure to Stowe Village’s National Historic District.
  • It is literally the iconic symbol of the Town of Stowe.
  • Conde Nast Traveler named it one of the 50 most beautiful churches in the world.
  • Many generations of Church members and friends have lovingly maintained it.
  • We must honor this legacy and continue the stewardship of this precious asset.
Today, numerous events and programs are held in the Stowe Community Church.
  • Daily Church activities.
  • Local and regional community events.
  • It is truly a public venue, available to many types of users for many types of events.
  • Arts, educational, medical, and public service programs are held here.
  • Very little revenue from these public programs is available to maintain this
    treasured, historic building.
  • Community Organizations and events frequently using this unique building,
    accounting for more than ½ of its usage!

The Stowe Steeple Society’s restricted Building Preservation Fund supports
           the upkeep, maintenance, and improvement of the Church properties.
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