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Grow through teaching

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The goal of any school is to educate us about life, the world and their purpose in it. Our Christian Education Ministry is no different. Teaching our children and youth about the world God created, how our faith is woven into each area of learning and how to find purpose and meaning through God’s will for our lives is the foundation of our Ministry. With an understanding of God’s love, we will show his
love to those around us throughout our lives.

We have three programs in the SCC Christian Education Ministry.

Nursery. Our pastor often says that they nursery is the most sacred space in our Church. It’s where the youngest of God’s children begin their journey of faith.  Our nursery coordinator provides a safe, clean environment for babies from birth to 3 years old every Sunday morning during the 9:30am worship service. 

Children’s Ministry. Taryn Noelle serves as SCC’s Director of Children’s Ministry serving children from 4 to 5 th grade and we have several programs throughout the year. Our mainstay is Children’s Church beginning in the 9:30am worship service and then children are
dismissed to Sunday School for the remainder of the service. Taryn makes sure that she combines learning about God and fun, and there’s usually snacks too! SCC has hosted a start-to-the-summer Bible Camp for years. 2020 and 2021 were certainly challenging years for Bible Camp, but we held Camp in creative, innovative and, most importantly, safe ways. While our Bible Camp is focused on the younger campers, we invite middle and high-school students to help during the week. Spark Afterschool Program is a newly launched 6-week afterschool program held in our Fellowship Hall. Its intent is a continuation of Sunday School and incorporating music and theater into
learning. Meanwhile, events and activities are always happening for our children from participating in Stowe’s Forth of July parade to our annual Christmas Pageant, and Christmas Even Service. This year, we’re having an Easter Egg Hunt! Please check in with Taryn for additional information.  Also, check Taryn's blog below for weekly updates to Children's Church.

Youth. There are so many pressures and outside influencers in today’s world and it’s important that Stowe Community Church provides a no-judgement space to our youth. It’s our intent to create a sense of fellowship, a squad if you will, to share the challenges of being a teenager in 2022. And, to celebrate the successes. We are currently in search of a Youth Ministries Director, but in the meantime, parents, Pastor Dan and Taryn are filling in the gaps. If you have any questions, please contact our Chair of Christian Ministries, Heather Stowe at

Palm Sunday, April 10, 2022 began with a joyous procession - our children, led by Taryn Noelle and encouraged by the whole congregation, were a delightful throng.
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