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"Dan was an absolute pleasure to work with as we made our journey to the alter! He delivered a beautiful, heartfelt homily woven throughout with personal anecdotes of us as a couple along with the bride's family history in Stowe and at the church. His energy was approachable, warm and genuine throughout all our interactions. The Stowe Community Church and the greater town of Stowe is blessed to have him part of the community.  Beyond Dan’s service, having the opportunity to be married in a quintessential New England church nestled within the charming green mountains was nothing short of magical!"

Christina and James - December 2021


"We are so thrilled we got the opportunity to be married at Stowe Community Church. Not only is it a gorgeous church, but Rev. Dan and his team made us feel so welcome and at home. 

Getting married can be so stressful and we had really gotten lost in the weeds of wedding planning when we first spoke to Rev. Dan. He helped refocus us on what was really important: our shared love, our commitment to our future marriage, and our continuing relationship with God and our families. He helped us remember that the day isn’t about the flower arrangements or the reception, but about the act of getting married. 

We live out of state but Rev. Dan took the time to speak with us on multiple occasions about what we wanted out of our wedding, marriage, and lives together. By the time we got to our wedding, we felt very comfortable and were so excited that he would be marrying us! In fact, after the ceremony, we had multiple wedding guests ask us how long Rev. Dan had known us or if we had been attending church there, because he nailed us as a couple during the ceremony! He used our answers to his questions to craft the story of our relationship and incorporate what was important to us individually and as a couple. The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous and moving but also fun and filled with the things we love. 

He spent the time working with us to develop the wording and events of our ceremony to create a ceremony that reflected our values, the spirituality of ourselves and our families, and the things that are important to us. Rev. Dan really helped us refocus on what was important when we got distracted by the stress of planning. Whenever people ask us what our favorite part of the day is, we hands-down say the ceremony. And of course, the church is beautiful inside and out!" 

Sarah and Cole - December 2021

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We are an open and affirming, non-denominational church, and host wedding ceremonies for both members of the church and non-members.


As soon as you have decided on a wedding date, call the church to inquire about availability. As soon as possible thereafter speak with Pastor Daniel Haugh to confirm his availability.  He can be reached via email at The date is not official until it has been entered into both calendars. 



The wedding ceremony can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how elaborate you choose it to be.  We welcome special music, prayers or cultural additions to the basic service that make the ceremony especially meaningful for the couple. 



The couple’s wedding planner is responsible for coordinating getting all participants to the church and lined up for the ceremony, and the pastor is responsible for conducting the rehearsal.  Once all members of the wedding party have arrived, the rehearsal should take between 30 minutes to an hour to complete.



All planners, florists and decorators must work within the guidelines set forth by the church for embellishments and candles.  All items must be removed by hired professionals, or the family, immediately following the ceremony.



During the ceremony, photographers and videographers may select a position in the sanctuary to set up their equipment, as long as it does not interfere with the line of sight of the guests, or impede the wedding party.


Picture our beautiful sanctuary and extraordinary Simmons organ for your wedding.  Our talented team is comprised of a wedding minister, professional organist as well as pianist for our Steinway grand piano, and other staff who will work with you on the creation of a joyful and memorable ceremony.


If you have already chosen an officiant or other musicians, we will work with you to coordinate the other details of your ceremony.


The Stowe Community Church offers the following amenities for weddings and other events:


  • The Church is located in the heart of Stowe on Main Street, with picturesque views of the quaint village, and the mountains

  • Provides a non-denominational environment welcoming couples from all genders, religious backgrounds and traditions to celebrate their marriage

  • Seating capacity of 275

  • World class Simmons organ, and professional organist available for hire

  • Steinway concert grand piano, and professional pianist available for hire

  • Pre-marital consultations with Pastor Daniel Haugh

  • Ceremony Officiant, Daniel Haugh

  • Reception Hall for getting ready, pre or post wedding gatherings or photographs

  • Live stream video of your ceremony (extra fee applies)

  • Ceremonial bell ringing that guests can ring for your recessional

  • Full kitchen downstairs in the reception hall

  • Bathrooms including a “bridal” dressing room

  • Handicap accessibility

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