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Connect through Fellowship

Women's Fellowship


Our Women’s Fellowship Ministry brings women from all backgrounds, ages and stages of life together to grow in God’s love. We connect with each other socially and spiritually and are committed to providing services and financial support to our church and community.  


Traditionally, we’re able to raise several thousand dollars to support our mission and those of the Church. We’re best known for our annual Chicken Pie Supper in the fall and Christmas Fair in December. These events bring in visitors to our Church from near and far. And, most special is the overflow of amazing baked goods and homemade gifts made by our members.


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Since our Church is a historic jewel in the middle of Stowe Village, we participate in Memorial Day, Fourth of July Celebrations, “Main Street Live” on Thursdays and A Traditional Christmas in Stowe. 


We have a lot of fun making lifelong friendships and coming together in a safe and loving space. Please join us!

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Bible Study

In the spring of 2024, we hosted an online Bible study of the Psalms.


Here are a few testimonials:


The Bible study on the Psalms taught me new ways to express my thoughts and emotions and new ways to pray.  Although we met via Zoom, I felt like I met many new friends, many of whom I might not otherwise have interacted with, as we are spread out near and far and going through so many ups and downs in our lives.  In listening to what others had to share and participating myself, I came away feeling enriched and more enlightened about God’s love.


It was great! It was Zoom. It was easy. It was meaningful. It was spiritual.

I had a very nice time. Got me to buy another book on the scriptures. Got me to read it and share it.
It gave me the opportunity to meet some members I didn’t know and some I knew but hadn’t had much of a chance to spend time with. Definitely came away with an appreciation of sharing
Bible study with others. Different from doing it alone and, in many ways, much better.
Kathe and Barbara did a wonderful job of leadership from getting the Zoom meeting started easily and quickly to ending the session with Lectio Divino. What a way to calmly and spiritually
end a time in prayer and study.
Let’s do another!!
John Rains. 

Our Annual Christmas Fair

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Upcoming Bible Study

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